MyConnection PC

MyConnection PC 3.0

Assess your Internet connection for speed and quality


  • Simple to use
  • Visual representation of data
  • Item-by-item explanation of results


  • Not very configurable


Make sure your Internet speed is up to scratch - try MyConnection PC.

MyConnection PC is a simple tool to help you judge the speed and quality of your Internet connection. It might come in useful when you've noticed things are slow to download, your connection is patchy, or you suspect your internet company isn't keeping its promises.

MyConnection PC has a simple interface and limited number of options. The main button - run all tests - carries out the connection evaluation and gives you the overall results in pie chart format in the main window. You can then check under "application speed" and "capacity speed" to get more details, and, if you are still not clear, click on "explain further" for an item-by-item explanation of the results.

You can watch the test taking place - MyConnection PC makes it slightly easier to for non-techies understand with a helpful "how long would your connection take to download a DVD/10 MB file/CD"? analogy. Unfortunately, many of the extra features displayed on the interface are not available in the trial version, and this means that MyConnection PC is low on configuration options.

MyConnection PC is easy to download and use, and will give you a fast analysis of the quality and speed of your Internet.

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